Thursday, 5 February 2009


Hmm so after christmas my mission was to sort my health out, Not that there was anything wrong with it...Just in general a better well being. :)
So i have put myself on a mini detox, not following and kind of professional advice or following something ive read in cosmopolitan or shit. Just simple things.

Heres my list:
stop drinking coffee
drink only green tea and herbal tee, with no milk. (
eat no snak foods such as crisps, chocolate & sweets.
eat as little meat as possible, including red meat and chicken.
eat fish & flax seeds & eggs.

Thats pretty much it really, nothing major but ive been doing it now since the start of Jan and its made me feel alot different! I thought that id be gagging for coffee but im really not bothered about not having it at all. Im also less bloated than normal which is good.:)

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