Sunday, 8 February 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection.

So i got the whole collection yesterday (Yes, I get all collections before they are launched because im a mac artist) and i can honestly say im stupidly disappointed. And here are my reasons why...

Eye palettes.
4 of the colours used are actually the exact same colour & exact same formula from the Heatherette collection
as shown below.
Yes they are actually the same, i still have the Heatherette palettes and i swatched them next to the hello kitty, they are exactly the same in colour & texture.

Which are actually the same shadow colours as Shimmermoss, Deep Truth, and Sweet Lust. Yes i swatched these to next to the eye shadows that you can buy from mac at any time, again they are the same in colour and texture.

Nail polish
1 of the 3 Hello Kitty nail colours is actually 'Steamy'.

Pigment pots
3 of the 4 Hello Kitty pigment pots are actually Rose, Fuchsia and Frozen White.

Powder Blush
The blushes are the same as Pink Swoon & Gingerly. Yes i swatched these to next to the blushes that you can buy from mac at any time, again they are the same in colour yet more sheer than the originals.

The rest of the collection seems ok, the lip colours etc are nice but the lipsticks are again similar to MACs current range that you can buy all year round, The cream colour bases are new colours.
I really cant understand why MAC seem to be just selling off colours that in a months time they will discontinued in the standard year round products. Its a shame because i adore hello kitty and was really looking forward to this huge collection, lots of advertising and launches and effort has gone into a collection that is really just going to be a hype collection.
Also included in the collection is a large number of charms, bracelet's, brushes, toys and bags etc.MAC is really trying to cash in on this...

So, if you are saving those pennies until March when it will be on sale in the UK then don't be expecting to much. If you want it just for the cute packaging then go for it because that's where your money is going on this collection. Also the prices are going to be alot higher for the Hello Kitty collection than previous collections. You'll be spending over double the amount.
I know as a MAC artist i should really be milking this but i really cant because i genuinely don't love the collection.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Dermalogica course

Wow i actually go offered a full training course with Dermalogica from the International Dermal Institute via MAC! Lucky me ay!

I got my first course pack today with everything i need to know about getting started, Im pretty excited about this because i know
Dermalogica are just so good at what they do and their products work amazingly, esp on my stupidly sensative skin. Which is why ive changed my cleanser (yes again) to a
Dermalogica one, my skin seems to be growing tired of my Purity Made Simple by philosophy as well as my Creme De La Mer...I think my skin is on the change now im nearly 23. :(

Hello, hello kitty.

When i went to Japan i fount this super cute store that sold just Hello Kitty stuff! And everything was stupidly low in price. 80% less that it is in the UK, so i did buy alot. Then i fount that the store i went to actually has a eBay store to!
So now ive stuck them on my faves and bought yet more stuff from them. I got my latest package today:

There just kids drinking cups but i needed something to organize my ever extending makeup & brushes etc properly as i had no more room in the pots i already had. Cute huh. :)

If you love hello kitty then check their store at

Thursday, 5 February 2009

bye bye creme de la mer...
As most of you know i have used Creme De La Mer religiously for the last 3 years, But lately ive noticed that my skin as worn tired of it and im not getting the great results as usual. Maybe its because of my detox, im not sure but i think after ive finished my last bits of my La Mer products i dont think illbe buying anymore unfortunately!

So now i think i shall have to find my new obsession! Ive wanted to try Kiehl's Cryste Marine Cream, Which ive read about a number of times but always been scared to venture from my creme de la mer, but now i have an excuse to try it. I have had a look over the
ingredients of the Kiehl's cream and i was suprised to find that it had the exact same active ingredients as the creme de la mer! And its half the price of the creme de la mer! So when SpaceNK get it back in stock i shall be making a purchase and trying it out, i shall report back!
Cryste Marine Cream


Hmm so after christmas my mission was to sort my health out, Not that there was anything wrong with it...Just in general a better well being. :)
So i have put myself on a mini detox, not following and kind of professional advice or following something ive read in cosmopolitan or shit. Just simple things.

Heres my list:
stop drinking coffee
drink only green tea and herbal tee, with no milk. (
eat no snak foods such as crisps, chocolate & sweets.
eat as little meat as possible, including red meat and chicken.
eat fish & flax seeds & eggs.

Thats pretty much it really, nothing major but ive been doing it now since the start of Jan and its made me feel alot different! I thought that id be gagging for coffee but im really not bothered about not having it at all. Im also less bloated than normal which is good.:)


Ok welcome to my new blog space, Those of you who already read my myspace will know of my famous blog. As ill still keep my cosmetic questions blog on myspace for every ones convenience, this blog will be general stuff that i wanna talk about etc.

So keep an eye on it if you want more of an insight of my life. And listen to me ramble on about stuff...

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