Friday, 6 February 2009

Dermalogica course

Wow i actually go offered a full training course with Dermalogica from the International Dermal Institute via MAC! Lucky me ay!

I got my first course pack today with everything i need to know about getting started, Im pretty excited about this because i know
Dermalogica are just so good at what they do and their products work amazingly, esp on my stupidly sensative skin. Which is why ive changed my cleanser (yes again) to a
Dermalogica one, my skin seems to be growing tired of my Purity Made Simple by philosophy as well as my Creme De La Mer...I think my skin is on the change now im nearly 23. :(


  1. Where are you doing the training? I didnt think that there were any classes in the UK in the next couple of months? One of my friends has the benefit card for the brand...